Water Safety & Bubbas Water Fun

The hospital gave me a sample bag filled with paraphernalia about babies. Safety, SIDS, Health Centers and other new mumma related material. Amongst this was a dvd on water safety that i will be honest i never watched. I thought i knew it all so there was no need to watch it.

Swimming Class

Recently we attended a group meeting at a learn to swim aquatics center. This is when i discovered i knew nothing about water safety.  We all got in the pool with our bubbas and introduced them to a large deep body of water.

Water Safety

While getting our babies used to the water we were given a talk on water safety, here is what we were told-

  • Never leave your bubba unattended in the bath, do not have your phone as bubba needs your full attention.
  • Make sure your pool fences meet all safety standards. Are in good condition and there is nothing left near the fence that someone can climb on.
  • Make sure your bubbas do not have access to any water even the most minimal. Dams, ponds, fountains, spas, bath tubs, reservoirs, drainage pits etc.
  • Keep toilet doors firmly closed.
  • If you are around water even just puddles keep a close eye on your bubba.
  • Never enter a pool holding your bubba. Get someone to pass them to you once you are in the water due to a high risk of slipping or falling.
  • Teach your bubbas water safety from a very early age.
  • Teach your bubbas how to swim as soon as possible.

During the water safety talk the instructor talked about how she raised her bubbas on a property with a dam. She made sure by the age of 1 her bubbas knew how to get themselves out of trouble if they fell in water. By the age of 5 they were all proficient swimmers. She recommended that if you did own a pool or lived on a property that you should get your bubbas into classes as soon as possible.

Water Fun

After the water safety talk we sang nursery rhymes and helped our bubbas get accustomed to the water by supporting them with 2 hands, one under each armpit and moving them through the water forwards, backwards, facing mumma, facing away from mumma, bobbing up and down, encouraging them to blow bubbles in the water and letting them do what comes naturally to them splashing their arms and legs around.

This was an amazing experience and i was so surprised to see that DD was a natural in the water. I highly recommend everyone do at least one learn to swim or water safety class just to make sure you are fully informed. I have booked in for 10 learn to swim lessons and i hope by the end of it DD will be comfortable around water and i will have peace of mind that she will be able to handle herself in water.

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  1. Sounds like a great session! Dee loves the water but we don’t go swimming as often as I’d like to. Would love to get her some lessons though. #BlogCrush

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