Tragic Tales Of Online Dating

Online Dating

There are so many blogs out there about online dating so i thought i would share my tales. I have a decade of online dating drama’s. I am no prize, my curves are in the right places but i have always been built for comfort not for speed/ curvy. Looks wise i am very average with brown hair and hazel eyes. My tendencies to say what i think often got me in trouble. My independence and attitude was a turn off. And i never believed i needed a man, i wanted one but had a great social life without one. I am not a completely shallow person but i have always believed that you do need to have physical attraction, mental attraction and sexual attraction for a relationship to last.

My online dating story started in my late 20’s and ended in my late 30’s when i met Mr Wonderful online. I have so many stories i really don’t know where to begin.

  • Mr Shaving rash
  • Mr Psycho
  • Mr Smoker
  • Mr Delete
  • Mr Busy
  • Mr No show
  • Mr No Spark
  • Mr Attached
  • Mr Chews like a cow
Mr Shaving Rash

This was the first time i met someone online. We had been chatting for several weeks and seemed to get along great. I agreed to meet at a shopping center halfway between where we both lived. He didn’t have any photos online. I arrived early so was very surprised when he approached me. Online he had rated himself as very attractive. He was far from attractive to me, he had a huge head and it was covered in this red horrible rash. Apparently a shaving rash but it was something i had never seen before. I ended this meeting by turning my cheek when he went to kiss me and then sent him a message later that night saying that i didn’t think there was a spark.

Mr Psycho

Chatted for 2 weeks online then agreed to meet at a local tourist attraction. We met and went for a nice walk along the waters edge. It was quite nice but i just didn’t feel a spark. After we parted company he sent me a message saying how nice it was and that he would like to see me again. I replied with sorry luv but i just didn’t feel a spark. Well that started a barrage of nasty messages calling me every name under the sun and using every profanity you can think of.


Mr Smoker

All the warning signs were there before we met. Mr Smoker bragged about his fancy car and penthouse apartment. He worked in a Video Store. DVD’s and Blue rays were around at this time. His profile showed a handsome man that looked after himself. We met at a sports club and to my shock he looked like Mr Bean. He ushered me out to the smoking area when he knew i was a non smoker and chain smoked. During our conversation he let out that he lived with his parents and that he had got a cab because his car wasn’t running. I came up with an excuse to leave. As we were walking out i politely said sorry luv i didn’t think there was any spark. To which he then said i was a b!@ch. He didn’t stop there, he sent me several nasty messages after i left.

Mr Delete

Met Mr Delete when he was on a tea break from his job in a call center, We spent maybe 10 minutes together before he had to return to work. I went home and got online to send him a message. He had deleted and blocked me without a word.

Mr Busy

Mr Busy had a nice profile but no pictures. We chatted quite regularly for several weeks. Conversation always flowed easily and we even exchanged phone numbers and chatted on the phone several times. I am really not sure what was going on with Mr Busy. I suspect he had a partner because every time i tried to arrange to meet him he was always busy. We continued to chat  for almost 2 years and although we lived in the same town he could never meet.

Mr No Show

I think we have all had at least one of these. Mr No Show pushed and pushed for weeks for me to meet him. I finally agreed and of course he never turned up. He sent me a message a week later with some excuse about his phone battery dying but never requested another meeting.

Mr No Spark

We chatted, we met, we had a movie night on my couch. I thought it went well but i was wrong. I messaged him 2 days later and got no reply. I called him about a week later and there was no answer. I am not kidding, he called me 9 months later and said ‘sorry there wasn’t any spark but i was just wondering how you are doing’.

Mr Attached

Mr Attached of course claimed to be single online. We chatted online for a short amount of time then met at a local Cafe. He was very attractive and we got along great. He came over for tea a few nights later and we arranged to catch up again. By the third date he started behaving odd and would never answer his phone around me. We would catch up on and off for about 3 months. Then through a random conversation with a work mate i discovered he had a long term partner. He would visit me during his work hours or when his partner was interstate. I chose to just ignore him and move on. He turned up at my door one day full of excuses and stories and begging me to forgive him and allow him to still see me. Good bye Mr Attached.

Mr Chews Like A Cow

We would chat every night before bed for weeks. We arranged to meet one day after work. I waited 20 minutes and no sign of him. I messaged him to get the reply ‘sorry i am doing overtime but will be there in 30 minutes’. When he got out of his car he was at least 50kgs and 5yrs older than his profile. He was chewing chewy with his mouth open. It was horrible. Mr Chews tried to grab a boob when he hugged me, i pulled away and he said ‘i had to try’. He was standing up on the curbing and i was in front of him. He started kicking his legs out at me, then ruffled my hair. The conversation was painful, he turned everything into something dirty. I ended up saying ‘oh my god you behave like a kid see you later’ and left.

These stories have been shortened and censored. I didn’t want to bore you too much or turn you off online dating.

There is another online story that i would love to share with you.

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19 thoughts on “Tragic Tales Of Online Dating”

  1. Eeek! Oh no. The last one sounded awful! I met hubby when I was 18 so I would not know where to start with all of this. I’m glad you found your Mr Right in the end though #blogcrush

    1. Thanks Lucy, i am envious of you having met your husband at 18.
      I only brushed over some of these experiences. Some of them were much worse and the way some would verbally attack me when rejected was horrible. I do have to say though that it makes me appreciate Mr Wonderful so much more.

  2. I must admit i did have a little giggle, i have many blips when it comes to dating online. I hope you find your Mr Right or you alright have!

    #BlogCrush x

  3. Hilarious! Ten minutes and blocked? Crazy! Living at home/ one I’ve come across; and I think it’s too cushty a number for them if they actually do manage the nice car etc.
    After those awful dates I am so glad it all turned out well in the end. Maybe I should try again. What site(s) did you use?

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