The Squeaky Floor Waltz

The Squeaky Floor Waltz

I am sure many mumma’s know the frustration of taking forever to get your bubba to sleep. You finally get them down then one little squeak and they are awake and wanting your attention again. Only a mumma with wooden floorboards will understand the squeaky floor dance.

Scene from The Big Bany Theory. Howard & Raj mapping out babies room for squeaks

There is an episode of The Big Bang Theory – The Romance Recalibration S10 E13. Howard and Raj map out the babies room to identify the squeaky floorboards. They find the quietest path between the door and the cot without standing on any squeaky floorboards.

I haven’t quite got this bad yet but i am considering getting some glow in the dark tape to mark those pesky squeaky boards.

We have squeaky boards everywhere so i have an interesting path of a night. If you saw me i am sure you would think i was a burglar trying to avoid sensors or cameras. Or you would be in fits of laughter. Right where you would normally stand to put bubba in her cot is my first squeak. To avoid this i have to put one foot closer to the head of the cot and the other i have to keep back about a foot and lean across to put DD in bed. Then it is a straight line between the furniture for 4 steps. A left turn, 3 steps hugging the door frame. Right turn, 4 steps in a straight line through doorway. Right turn, 5 steps sticking as close to the bed as possible. Then i have to do this weird planking crossed with a one legged push up kind of move to get into bed because the bed also squeaks.

I know i am probably being silly but DD is not a great sleeper, my fault due to bad sleep associations. Hopefully one day i will get the courage to fix our bad sleep associations so that i can stop my crazy waltz.

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