The Good Side Of Online Dating

We see so many blogs about online dating, usually disaster stories or the how to’s of online dating. For all you online daters that are starting to lose hope here is the story you want to read. This is my story.

Online Dating – My Story

I started online dating in my late 20’s. I will be honest i think over my 10yrs of online dating i only actually dated 3 or 4 of the men i met. Online dating sure was a roller coaster, many ups and downs, loops and going backwards.I always believed there was the perfect guy out there somewhere for me so i never really gave up on online dating.

In 2014 i started chatting with a man on Oasis. He was the same age as me, no children, stable job and didn’t live with his mum. The conversation wasn’t super thrilling but he did continue to chat with me a couple of times a week. By the third week i was starting to think this guy wasn’t interested because of the lack of conversations. Then one night he asked me if i would like to go on a date. I was so surprised i instantly agreed. We arranged to meet at the entertainment/ restaurant area at a shopping center to have dinner and perhaps a movie afterwards.

The Groove Train Restaurant

1st Date

We were both on time and he was exactly where he said he would be. My first impression was a bit mixed. I did not feel an instant spark but i also didn’t think he was unattractive. Dinner went well, the conversation flowed nicely so i agreed to see a movie. We had no issues picking a movie that we both wanted to see and it was nice having company at the cinema. We walked out after the movie and stood near the car park chatting for a good hour afterwards. He finished by saying he would like to see me again. He was a lovely, well mannered and respectful guy so i agreed to see him again even though i didn’t feel a spark.


2nd Date

The following weekend we arranged to see fireworks and have a late dinner. This date was much like the first. No spark but i enjoyed his company. I felt a bit awkward watching the fireworks but when we finally found somewhere to have dinner it was a lot more relaxed.  This man was such a gentleman, he walked me to my ride home even though it was out of his way and he never put any moves on me. I really wanted to like this guy but i was thinking i was going to have to give him the old ‘sorry luv there just isn’t a spark’. He asked me for another date and i just couldn’t say no, i had to give it one more chance.

Opera In The Park

3rd Date

He was picking me up and taking me to see a concert in the park about an hour from where we lived. I met him outside my place and as went to get into his car i looked in and fireworks went off in my head. There was the spark i had been waiting for. We had a great night of chatting and getting to know each other. This was followed by a very romantic moonlit walk on the beach.

We continued to date and now 4 years later have a beautiful baby girl together and are very happy.

I may have met a lot of Mr Wrongs but it only took one Mr Right for me to change my whole view of online dating. Don’t give up there is someone out there for everyone.

Do’s & Don’ts Of Online Dating


Lucy At Home

13 thoughts on “The Good Side Of Online Dating”

  1. I’m so glad you found your happy ending. I do have a question though – from the other side of the dating pool.

    It may seem a loaded one, and I promise it’s not…

    You say “didn’t live with his mum.”

    The costs of accommodation & especially buying or saving to buy are pretty prohibitive now for those even with a decent salary, so more and more young adults are choosing to stay home and save.

    The challenge is doubled for divorcees supporting their own home, plus often the one they don’t live in anymore.

    In my case, I lodge in a place near work where I live most of the time & then lodge – with my mum – when I have my kiddo.

    How might I, and others on this not so merry-go-round, get past the stigma of our circumstances?

    We are decent people – I promise! And we want to find that special someone too. I know more than a few of us are floundering though.

    1. Hey Luv,
      I completely understand and to clarify my comment i am meaning men over 30 that have never left home. There is a big difference between having to move home due to circumstances and never having left home. I had so many reasons/ excuses for not wanting someone who lived at home, I was looking for a man that was independent and not looking for a mummy figure – cook/ cleaner etc, privacy, i loved my space and hated the thought of someone invading that all the time. Most of these were my issues and not all women will have them. The best i can suggest is don’t tell someone (but don’t lie, just avoid it) you stay at mums until you think it might be heading somewhere and then explain your situation. I can say from my own experience that sometimes the things we think are deal breakers can often be let go if you tick all the other boxes. Stick with it luv, there is someone out there that will be happy to be with you regardless. x

  2. Oh yes! I love a happy ending! (especially after the disasters I read in your other post!). I think there is this idea that if there isn’t an instant attraction, it will never happen, but that’s simply not true – I’ve been married to my husband for 10 years but when we first met, there was no spark at all… roll forward 3 months and we were besotted…! #blogcrush

    1. Oooh i love that you also didn’t have that instant attraction but have been married for 10 years. I think you appreciate the love so much more when the attraction grows. Thank you Lucy x

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