Phone Apps Pt.3

The final App that i am going to tell you about is a must have for breastfeeding mumma’s that like to have a drink every once in awhile it is called Feedsafe.

This App is brought to you by The Australian Breastfeeding Association and they make it very clear that they do not condone drinking but if you must then this is a guide.

You enter your weight and height and it is calculated on a standard drink so you must know what a standard drink is.

They have loads of information to educate you on what is best for your bubba and how alcohol works in relation to breast milk. I found it quite interesting and thought it great as there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding breast milk.

One of the things i learn’t is that alcohol enters and leaves breast milk in much the same way as it does blood so basically if you are safe to drive then you are safe to breastfeed, due to this there is no need to pump and dump you would just be wasting perfectly good breast milk.


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