Phone Apps Pt.2 The Wonder Weeks


Phone Apps Pt.2

As my support network was in another state i turned to social media and joined several mothers groups. I kept noticing comments on ‘leaps’ or ‘wonder weeks’ and wondered what they were. They are mental developments that all babies/ toddlers have and they occur at roughly the same time for all babies. After doing research things started to click for me. Why DD was a handful at certain times – clingy, crying and cranky.

Now enters the only app i have ever paid for and i can honestly say it was a lifesaver at times.

The Wonder Weeks –

This app maps all the mental developments out in a very simple chart.

Chart from The Wonder Weeks App

Chart Key from The Wonder Weeks App

The app also includes what each mental development is, the signs, ways you can help your bubba and a lot more helpful information.

For me the best thing about this app was just knowing it wasn’t me, DD wasn’t being cranky because i was a bad mum and she certainly wasn’t trying to make life hard for me. She was going through a massive change and needed an adjustment period. This app made me a more understanding and sympathetic mumma and also stopped me going crazy on the days when DD would cry for half the day.

I highly recommend The Wonder Weeks.

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