Phone App Pt.1

My First App

The very first baby related app i used was a ticker showing how many weeks pregnant i was, this was a super cute app but to be honest it didn’t help me much.

The apps i downloaded once DD joined us are the ones i really want to tell you about because they all helped me and we all need as much help as we can get.

The reason i first searched for apps was because i was having so much trouble trying to remember which breast DD finished on at her last feed so i went in search of some kind of tracker. There are quite a few out there but Glow Baby caught my attention. You can track feeds both breast and formula, nappies, sleep, medications etc and it puts it in a chart so you can see your bubba’s patterns.

Screenshot from Glow Baby App

Glow Baby gives you insights which can include statistics, words of encouragement, helpful tips and acknowledgment of yours and bubba’s achievements/ milestones. You can also input milestones and upload photos.

Molestones screen

Other benefits are that if your partner or other caregivers have the app they also can input information and they can see what you have inputed. More than one bubba, no worries Glow Baby allows for this and so much more!

I highly recommend and can say it really was instrumental in assisting our breastfeeding journey and helping Mr Wonderful with DD’s routine.

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