Aged Care Fun

I have finally got to do something i have wanted to do for such a long time. We don’t have a lot of family locally so it makes it even more special. We went to an Aged Care Facility.

The amazing organiser of one of the Facebook groups that i am in arranged the event. For approximately 10 mumma’s and bubba’s under 2 to share morning tea with the residents of a local aged care facility.

Our Visit

We arrived at the facility and met up with the group organiser and other mumma’s and bubba’s in the foyer, we had to sign in on a large touch screen and were then escorted to a community area with a dining area on one side and a lounge/ sitting area on the other. It was in the sitting area that staff had arranged arm chairs and sofas in a large semi circle and had put out tea ,coffee and scones for us, i thought this was amazing and very generous of them but we were not there to eat and drink so their efforts went untouched. While we were walking down to this area our arrival was announced over the P.A and suggested that anyone wanting to see the bubba’s should make their way to the community area.

Our group organiser had a big bag of toys that she placed on the floor. We all placed our bubba’s down to play while staff wheeled and assisted the elderly into the area for their morning tea. Some of the residents sat in the dining area and others came straight over to the lounge area.

There was one 11 week old baby, 2 around 18 months and the rest were close to the 12 months. The mother of the 11 week old was fantastic and took her baby around the room and offered a hold to everyone. The absolute joy on the residents faces was so beautiful to see. DD wanted to play with all the new toys. I did persuade her to go for a few walks. We met so many wonderful and inspiring people. DD touched some of the residents and played with their wheelchairs. It wasn’t until about 10 minutes before we were leaving that she really came out of her shell. She started dancing for them, smiling and giggling. The highlight for me was DD waving goodbye to all the residents and staff as we were leaving.

Visiting Aged Care Facilities is so rewarding

This took very little effort, a 10 minute drive and an hour of our time. That all it took to brightened so many people’s day maybe even week. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to visit.

While i was there i did enquire about returning. I was given the forms so that i can come and go as a volunteer – police check, statutory declaration, volunteer form and an introduction. Once these are all filled out i then have to do an induction at the facility. This seems like a lot but the minute you see their faces light up it will be worth it and i am sure DD and I will get more out of it than anyone.

Here is the article the Aged care facility published on our visit –

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