Our Breastfeeding Journey Pt.3

The First 6 Months

Our first 6mths of breastfeeding was not at all what i expected and not a great experience.

I look back now and i don’t believe DD was latching properly which meant her feeds went for approximately 40 mins and she would want to feed every 3 hours from the start of her last feed, as you can imagine i just felt like a cow most of the time. Another reason i believe now that she wasn’t latching properly was because my nipples felt quite tender and sometimes sore which apparently shouldn’t happen if bubba is latching properly.

This six months also included a few bouts of thrush and mastitis twice. None of these were serious but they did make the whole situation even more unpleasant.

I can understand why some mumma’s give up on breastfeeding. There really is not enough support available to breastfeeding mumma’s and with so many negative attitudes it is no wonder that only 15% of babies are breastfed beyond 3 months.

The one thing that made me hang in there and not give up was the Facebook group – Australian Breastfeeding Project https://www.facebook.com/groups/australianbreastfeedingproject/ there is so much support and encouragement within this group that it made me determined to stick it out for as long as possible and around 6mths is when it all turned around for us , DD started latching properly which meant feeds only lasted approximating 8mins, i no longer had any pain and when i started to love breastfeeding.

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