Our Breastfeeding Journey Pt.1


Before i start telling you my journey i want to say that yes i am a big advocate for breastfeeding but i am not into mumma shaming so as far as i am concerned ‘Fed Is Best’ just do what you have to make sure bubba is fed and healthy.

When i found out i was pregnant the one thing i was determined to do was breastfeed, in my 38 years i had heard so many lines like breastfed babies are smarter but i really didn’t have any facts. Mr Wonderful and I attended Antenatal classes which is where i did find out the facts and they made me even more determined. I won’t bore you with the facts here but if you want some basics here is a link to the World Health Organisation outlining them – http://www.who.int/maternal_child_adolescent/topics/child/nutrition/breastfeeding/en/.

You will find Pt.2 here –


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