Old Mumma Hack #9 – Home Made Toys

Home Made Toys

Home made toys are fantastic. They are inexpensive, easy to make, easily replaced and your bubba’s will love them.

  • Plastic bottles – add uncooked rice/ pasta/ dried beans etc to make a shaker/ maraca.
  • Sauce bottles – collect several, add a ball and you have a set of skittles. These can also be used as shakers like above.
  • Lolly/ candy/ chocolate containers – make a great little drum or you can put items inside to make different noises. Also these are great as sensory toys for your bubbas.
  • Old socks can be turned into hand puppets just by sewing buttons on as eyes. You can also add a tongue and ears easily.
  • Your old clothes as well as your shoes can be used as dress ups for bubba.
  • Bubbas old clothes can be used as dress ups for dolls & teddy bears. They can also be stuffed and sewn up to create new teddy bears.

There are so many items around the house that can be turned into an inexpensive toy quickly and easily. You just need some imagination and creativity.

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