Old Mumma Hack #6 – Re-purposing Nappy Boxes

Old Mumma Hack – Re-purposing Nappy Boxes

Re-purposing Nappy Boxes is a great way to recycle and they can be used for so many things.

Nappy Box Table

Need a table beside your feeding chair or change table? Re-use your nappy boxes they make an awesome storage table. Cover with a cloth and no one would know it was boxes.

Covering a nappy box

Nappy boxes are great for storage especially your old baby clothes. Add some soap to the box to keep the clothes smelling fresh and to keep moths and silverfish out. You can dress the boxes up by covering in wrapping paper or material.

Here is a great link showing how to make your box look amazing


Nappy Box Car

Nappy Box Fire Truck


Nappy box cars are great for your bubba. Paint sides of the box to look like a car or truck. Attach a pull cord to the front and you have a great little car to sit your bubba in and pull them around.


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