Old Mumma Hack #4 – Bubba Cereal

Muesli quick oats
Old Mumma Hack – Bubba Cereal

Don’t buy expensive bubba/ infant cereal. Buy generic brand Oats or Muesli – not toasted. They cost half the price of bubba brekky products and you will get 10 times the amount of meals out of them.

Put the oats of muelsi through your food processor. A quick burst if you want lumpy muesli or blitz for longer to make a smoother texture for your bubba. Add hot water/ milkĀ  to the oats for a healthy bubba brekky. You can also add a little pureed fruit or fresh fruit pieces to vary the flavours for bubba.

Muesli and Oats blended to a finer texture for bubbas cereal

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