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I have never been a skinny person and have never been good at dieting or exercising. For the majority of my life i held my weight well. It was distributed evenly all over and i would of described myself as ‘curvy’ or ‘built for comfort’. Now it is different i am definitely just plain fat. My weight is still held everywhere, in my thighs, boobs and bum but the majority of it is around my belly. I now have a full fledged mummy tummy with the horrible overhang. Technical term for this overhang is Panniculus but also known as a Gunt.

We often compare ourselves to celebrities and think we should look like them, especially when you see people like Kylie Jenner one month after she gave birth.

Or when we see celebrities like Toni Collette or Renee Zellweger who put weight on for movies and then lose the weight again straight after filming ends.

We need to remember these celebrities have the means and resources to do this. Celebrities often start out extremely fit and healthy making it a lot easier to return to that state. They also have careers, contracts or the ever looming paparazzi as motivation to drop the weight quickly. With trainers, nutritionists & chefs to help them along with nannies and cleaners that will take care of things while they spend hours at the gym or working out. It is not realistic for us to compare ourselves with the rich or famous but there is no reason why we can’t use them for inspiration.

I am far from rich or famous but i know what i need to do to drop my weight and get my body back to a reasonable shape and size. I am not a health professional of any kind. After 20 years of trying fad diets and watching all Oprah’s yoyo’ing i know that most diets do not work and are not sustainable. Diet is important but in the sense that we need to cut out bad fats, minimalise sugars and have everything else in moderation. I already drink water, cook balanced meals and keep the bad foods to sometimes foods. My problems are that i eat too much. I don’t exercise so i need to watch my portion sizes and i need to start exercising. Sounds easy but nothing is ever that simple.

I am 40, overweight and until recently i was only averaging 4hrs sleep a night. This all adds up to a very tired and lazy mumma.

Now that i get 6-7 hours sleep i have set myself a cleaning roster to make myself more organised. Meal planning is already part of my routine so all i need is the motivation, so guess what? you are it. I am going to use my blog and my wonderful followers to keep me motivated. I will post my starting numbers and i will update as i go. Then finish with a positive blog on successfully losing weight and hopefully losing the overhang.

This will be a long journey, i need to make a lifestyle change and that takes time. I do not like exercise but i have my beautiful and very active DD to push me. I will set myself weekly exercise goals and i will reduce my portion sizes. There will be elements from lots of diets i have tried over the years. Reducing processed foods and carbs but still making sure to make my menu sustainable.

Wish me luck, i would love you to join me on this journey ?

Here is where my journey begins-

Mummy Tummy Be Gone!

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12 thoughts on “Mummy Tummy, Celebrities & Dieting”

  1. Good luck! I didn’t know there was an actual technical term for a mum-tum, this actually makes me feel like it’s ok to have mine now. 😀 I have to say that photo of KJ one month after a baby is just irritating, isn’t she the lucky one?! I wish you all the best with your journey, i know I find it very hard to stay motivated but joining a dance class has helped because it’s fun – whereas dieting isn’t!! Thanks for linking up with #blogcrush, hope you come back and visit again.

    1. Thank you Liberty. I totally agree about KJ wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all had the resources to look like that, although most of us wouldn’t plaster it over social media. For me it isn’t the motivation, i am fat and it is making me lazy and a bad mum. That is enough to keep me motivated, it is the urge to take the easy road that causes me issues. Driving instead of walking, quick easy meals instead of healthy ones. I love that you do a dance class. Love your blogs too. xx

  2. Good for you! The first step is always making the decision to change and then stick to it. I know it’s a tough road that requires a lot of motivation, but when there’s a will there’s a way! I myself am far from a “bounce-back-mom”. After baby no. 1 it took me 22 months of hard work to get back to my pre-baby weight. I know the exact time it took, because the day I balanced the scales at my old weight was the day I stood in the nurses office having my first check-up for my 2nd pregnancy.. My twins are now 3yrs old (to date next week), and I’m disappointingly enough not yet back in my old figure, but I’ll get there yet again one day. Just remember sleep is key!! Meal size and exercise are very relevant, but as long as you’re suffering from sleep deprivation, it’s going to be even more difficult. Will definitely be following your journey. Wishing you all the best of luck, lots of sleep and motivation x

    1. Thank you Ida. I completely agree about sleep being a big thing. There is no way i could of even considered doing this 6 months ago when DD wasn’t sleeping well and i had serious sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation effected every element of my life because i could not set even a basic routine. That has been my big key to being able to do this. Sleep, routine and all my wonderful followers. Good luck with your journey in gaining back your old figure, don’t be hard on yourself you sound like you got this luv. xx

  3. This is also my story! I’ve now got to the stage where I’m just too heavy and I can’t carry it quietly anymore and I just feel like a flump. I start a diet, something upsets me and I reach for the chocolate. Vicious circle ? #blogcrush

    1. Oh yeh i hear you Julie, i love my chocolate so i refuse to remove it completely but i am trying to keep it in moderation and i guess for me i am now also starting to compensate for more bad foods, if i eat chocolate today i will do extra housework tomorrow or make sure i go for a walk to the park with DD. Stay strong mumma you can break the circle xx

  4. I just -love- how having a mom bod is frowned upon, but a “dad bod” is totally hot, lol. It drives me insane.

    Wishing you the best on your journey! I’ll be following your blog for sure, you’re so relatable and I love that!

    1. haha yeh i know and the funny thing is that the dad bods don’t come from having a baby, being overtired, putting your family before yourself, the dad bod comes from beer, tv and pizza lol, i wish my mum bod was form that.
      Thank you for your wishes and i am so glad you are enjoying my blog, you made my day xx

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