Mummy Tummy Be Gone!

To those who have been waiting for my weight loss/ healthier mumma plans i apologise for the delay. DD and Mr Wonderful have both been sick, throwing my whole week off.

I have weighed, measured and taken photos today. I am logging everything i eat with the My Fitness Pal app so that i can monitorĀ  all my sugars, fats, salt and cholesterol. My cheap fitness tracker/ watch that i purchased from the Wish shopping app will monitor my steps. A chart of my weight loss will be updated every Friday and the odd Tweet of my achievements or failures on Twitter. Links listed at the bottom of the page. You can also follow the Mummy Tummy Be Gone journey here.

Screen shot of nutrition page from the My Fitness Pal App

I have been wearing the fitness tracker for a couple of months and can tell you that over a 10 week period the average steps for a week is 18781 making the daily average 2683 steps. My goal is to slowly increase this number and to eventually have the number up to 15000 steps per day and to include exercise into my daily routine and especially tummy tightening exercises.

Screen shot of steps from my fitness tracker

Here is what you have been waiting for, my shameful measurements.


weight loss chart

And photos

Old Mumma at 102kgs

Here is how i am planning to change my lifestyle without actually dieting-

  • Minimal Sugar
  • Minimal Bad Fats
  • Reducing Salt
  • Reducing Portion Sizes
  • Everything In Moderation Remembering To Keep The Sometimes Foods (Bad Foods) To Only Once In Awhile
  • Increasing Daily Step Counts
  • Introducing A Small Amount Of Exercise Into My Daily Routine

Feel free to join me and share your story or blogs. I am always happy to listen and share ideas as well as motivate and encourage.

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8 thoughts on “Mummy Tummy Be Gone!”

  1. I always admire anyone who goes on a weight loss journey like this. It sounds like you have some amazing goals. I hope that you smash them. I’m sure you will. Hugs Lucy xxxx #blogcrush

    1. Awww thank you Lucy, it is comments like these that make me want this even more. My 1 week update blog should be out in the next few hours. Thank you for your support xx

  2. Wow it sounds like you’re all set! I’ve never really been one for diets (I love food too much!) but I did decide to give up puddings a few weeks back. I did really well and lasted a few weeks, then I got hit with Tonsillitis and could only face eating chocolate ice cream. Now I’m better and need to start being good again…! #blogcrush

    1. Haha yeh i like food too much too and am definitely a chocaholic but when most of my clothes don’t fit and the scales hit 3 digits i knew something had to change. I am not really dieting i am just being a lot more conscious of what i eat and reducing my portion sizes. My first update after a week of this should be out in the next 12hrs ?

    1. Thank you luv. It is so easy as a SAHM to just ignore my weight that is why i decided to share my shame and i wasn’t going to share photos but again i decided that i really need to go all in.

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