Mummy Tummy Be Gone Wk.9 – Stay On Track

life is like riding a bicycle, inorder to keep your balance you must keep moving

Stay On Track

I am determined to stay on track now after last week being my absolute worst week so far. Reading through my previous blogs on why i started my lifestyle change really helped get my mind motivated. But i still needed to get my body motivated. I set myself a plan to beat the winter laziness and get motivated again.

  • Add stretches to my morning routine
  • Spend a minimum of 10 minutes outside regardless of how cold it is
  • Go to bed earlier and try and get a good night sleep, waking more refreshed
  • Add some winter warming comfort food to our menu, food prep is great exercise and a mood enhancer for me
  • Use essential oils like peppermint, lemon and grapefruit to keep me energised

I have added the morning stretches as part of brushing my teeth routine, this was great at keeping me energised so stopped the need for a mid morning nap. Getting outside this week was easy, i set myself a bunch of mini gardening goals so i managed to spend about an hour outside most days. Being outdoors and getting that all important vitamin D really did kill that laziness that i had been feeling. I would come indoors and still be motivated to get things done around the house. With all the success i had with the first two i didn’t go forward with the last three. I am keeping these as a back up plan, if laziness creeps back i will institute these into my routine as well.

Stay Hydrated

One thing i also  realised this week is that water is such a vital part of a happy and healthy lifestyle. I had not realised that my water consumption had dropped off massively which would not have helped my situation. The cold weather had reduced my water from 2-3litres a day down to maybe 1 litre if i am lucky. To help get my water consumption back on track i set the hourly drink reminders on my fitness tracker and i left bottles of water all over the house. But what i found worked best was to make batches of flavoured water. Add fruit like lemon wedges, lime wedges or a very small amount of low sugar fruit cordial. I found these to be more satisfying than plain water on a cold day.


people who wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to avhieve them than the ones who didin't. Telling a friend increases this rate to 78%

Here are some more great ideas for staying on track –

Mummy Tummy Be Gone

I am really happy with how i went this week. A weight loss of 600gms puts me just 100gms away from a total loss of 5kgs. 5kgs is nowhere near where i want to be but it is my first mini goal so bring it on. The thing that i am most happiest about this week is my steps. 10,000 more than last week is fantastic but to be back up over 20,000 is great. Next week i want to be over 30,000 steps.

my weight loss chart.

Thanks again for all the encouragement.

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