Mummy Tummy Be Gone Wk.7 – Post Baby Mumma Bod

I have mixed feelings about how this week went but it has allowed me to reflect a lot on my post baby mumma body. I didn’t put in a lot of effort this week and that is mostly due to what i believe to be the impending visit of Aunt Flo aka that time of the month. The reason it has made me reflect on my post baby mumma bod is because i now have a lot of symptoms each month before, during and after. These symptoms were non existent prior to pregnancy.

dishevelled looking mum

post baby mumma bod

Menstrual Symptoms

Before pregnancy i was one of the very lucky ladies that did not suffer any symptoms and would almost say my monthly was a non event for me. Now it is a different story. Just before it appears i feel like the life has been sucked out of me. No energy to the point of exhaustion, constantly tired, bloated and of course cranky.

Mummy Tummy

This is the obvious one considering i am on a lifestyle change due to my body. I now carry most of my weight around my middle where before it would spread evenly all over. This has created a fat, flabby, saggy belly  It is also a lot harder to lose the weight.

Big Fat Feet

My feet became swollen during pregnancy and they have never been the same again. They are at least one size bigger and now swell when i over do things.

Saggy Boobies

My boobies were not perfect before pregnancy and breastfeeding. They now are saggy, floppy sacks hanging off my chest that are covered in stretch marks.

Weird Crazy Hair

After birth i started growing a ring of fluff around my hair line. It looked crazy, it was like a fluffy fringe growing and it was uncontrollable. Even now 18 months later they still stand out to me as i have long hair and these are only about 5inchs long so don’t quite tie back and fluff and curl as the humidity rises.


I am now a chronic snorer and often wake up with a dry sore throat. Before pregnancy i would only snore when unwell and would often find myself drooling.

The body i have is mine and all it’s imperfections are like a map of events in my life so i would not change it. I have just been surprised at how it has changed due to pregnancy but then it is a miraculous thing to create life. So other than my weight i plan to wear the rest of my imperfections with pride.

no mother should ever hate the body that allows her to give birth to her baby

Mummy tummy be gone

Back to how my week went. Activity was lower than last week but not completely terrible. My food was and has been pretty consistent for the last few weeks now. My portion sizes were an issue for me but they are about half of what i used to eat. This leaves me feeling content rather than full or over full now. With all this my numbers did not budge at all.


my weight loss chart

I really need to pull my finger out and try a lot harder. If anyone has any great tips for a mumma that doesn’t like exercise feel free to share them with me.

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3 thoughts on “Mummy Tummy Be Gone Wk.7 – Post Baby Mumma Bod”

  1. Perseverance will pay off. I personally find it really hard to eat healthily at certain times of the month, and I become slow and sluggish and lethargic. But you sound very determined so don’t worry if some days are not as “good” as others – just keep going and do the best you can #blogcrush

    1. Thanks Lucy. I am definitely seeing a pattern in when my down weeks are. I think i just need to find a way to boost my energy during that week and of course to try and break the old habits. Your encouragement really helps xx

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