Mummy Tummy Be Gone Wk.6 – Dancing My Weight Away

kids dancing gettin my happy dance on
Dancing My Weight Away

I don’t dance, ok so i only dance when an alcoholic beverage is involved. I have very little rhythm and can not keep a beat if my life depended on it. This has been me for almost 40 years.

Over the last few weeks dancing has become my friend. I turn the radio on in my kitchen every morning and i dance while doing my housework, i dance with DD, i dance while on social media, i try to keep my feet moving as much as possible and I LOVE IT! This lifestyle change has given me more energy and i am definitely a lot happier so i naturally started to jig away to the radio. I still am not keen to do it in public and i wouldn’t really call my feet shuffling, hip shaking, bum wiggling, crazy moves as dancing but whatever it is, i know it is helping me.

Alfonso Ribeiro AKA Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince Of Bel Air dancing

My steps are up everyday now. Some days by a lot other days by just a little. I have come a long way from my 1000-1500 per day. This weeks average is just over 4000 steps and last weeks average was just over 2500. I attribute this rise to my crazy new moves. So my fingers are crossed i can dance my weight away.

Mummy Tummy Be Gone

This week was another week of ups and downs. I had Mr Wonderful home sick for three days which always throws my schedule off but i was determined to try and not let it set me back. My eating wasn’t as great as it should of been thanks to me baking choc chunk muffins that were so delicious that 24 mini muffins only lasted 3 days. Lesson learnt, if i don’t bake them then i can not eat them. My physical activity was good but i know i can still do much better.

My Weight Loss Chart

my weight loss chart

As you can see i lost 300gms and 0cms so it is a bit of a disappointment especially after improving my physical activity. Again i refuse to let this effect me as the main point of this is to have a lifestyle change and be happier and healthier. Regardless of what the chart says i know i am already happier so i am heading in the right direction.

thank you

Thank you all for the positive and inspirational comments that you have been leaving. Hopefully i am also inspiring you.

If you wish to read more of my Mummy Tummy Be Gone journey you can find it here –

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