Mummy Tummy Be Gone Wk.5 – Ups and Downs

eat crap = feel like crap

Ups and Downs

This week has been an interesting week of ups and downs. I had great days full of energy and some not so energised days. My eating was not too bad, no serious blow outs. I have not done my chart yet but i am sure i did great with my steps. Some of the chart numbers should be down which is fantastic after last week. I am looking forward to seeing my chart this week.  This is rare for me, lately i have been dreading it.

Food is fuel not therapy

Food Is Fuel

I learnt a great thing this week ‘Food Is Fuel’. I have heard this before but it never sank in like it did this week. We need food to keep our bodies going. For energy, growth and health.  We do not need food for our emotions. Food is not for comfort. We do not need food for entertainment. Food is not a reward. I have been looking at food wrong. I have used it as a reward, if i exercise this week i can have chocolate cake. When i am bored i snack. I use it to keep me warm on a cold day. I use ice cream to brighten my day. None of this is what food is for. Food is to sustain our bodies nothing more. You would not deprive your car of fuel so do not deprive your body of it. A car will not run without fuel and the same goes for your body. Realising that food is only fuel has changed my whole way of thinking and can only help my life change.

My Weight Loss Chart

These results are great this week. It makes me feel good to see my steps increasing each week. A loss of 5cms takes me to a total loss of 21cms. Am down a total of 4.3kgs. Hopefully i start to notice a difference soon when putting my clothes on.

my weight loss chart


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  1. Your first paragraph really struck me – I also use food for boredom, warmth, entertainment, reward, etc. Food is fuel – I must remember that. Congratulations on a good week and making it to week 5 – that’s fab! #blogcrush

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