Mummy Tummy Be Gone Wk.4 – Weight Gain

Doctor saying to overweight guy - no it's not water you seem to be retaining food.
Weight Gain

Yes i did gain weight but i still had a good week and am still on track.

My eating was ok, could of been better but no big blow outs. My fats and sugars are still being kept to a minimum. I made myself some healthy snacks last weekend to help me resist the bad foods. I even managed to stay away from ice cream this week woo hoo.

Lady trying to slowly get on scales. Afraid of weight gain

Still recovering from the flu. Womanhood draining me of iron & energy and DD turning into a boobie monster and sucking the life out of me were just some of the hurdles i faced this week. But i still managed not to loose my momentum. I did have one very lazy day but i made a few trips to the park and kept my steps up every other day.


I was asked during the week how do i keep up my motivation. My reply was simple. I am fat and it is making me a lazy and bad mumma. The idea of not being the best mumma i could be is enough motivation for me. I also have all you wonderful readers and the shame i would feel if i failed. For those mummas that do struggle with motivation. Find that one thing that will drive you and remind yourself of it everyday. Put notes in placesĀ  you will see like on your mirrors or on your fridge.

My Weight Loss Chart

my weight loss chart

600g weight gain, 2cm loss and i managed to improve my steps by 700 or so steps. After two not so great weeks it hasn’t surprised me that i have gained weight this week. It was bound to catch up with me eventually. What is surprising is that i am taking it well and am not letting it get me down. I know i am on a good path. I am feeling more energetic which means i am a lot more active with DD. My mental health has improved and i am smiling more. That means more than what the scales say.

This skinny girl just told me she 'forgets' to eat. Is that possible? I just licked her face incase it is contagious

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6 thoughts on “Mummy Tummy Be Gone Wk.4 – Weight Gain”

  1. I think your last point is the most important of all – even when you gained, you haven’t gotten down about it. Be kind to yourself, keep plugging away, and pass over the blips. #blogcrush

  2. Thank you luv and good luck with your journey. Blogging about it every week has helped me heaps. The wonderful comments are great motivation and doing my weight loss chart helps me see the bigger picture. Not to mention the shame i feel when having to blog my own laziness.

  3. Way to go! I just started a weight loss journey too and it can be hard. I find it’s always hardest to gain when I don’t know where or why I gained the weight. Keep at it and it’s so great that you can already see other results besides just weight and measurements. #blogCrush

  4. What a great inspiration you are! Thank you for sharing your story on BlogCrush today! My husband and I keep talking about making lifestyle changes, but are at a standstill because we’re so lazy and tired. But here you are showing us up! Congrats on your successes so far, and I can’t wait to read more about your journey!

    1. Thank you Sara. You and your husband can do it, start small one little thing at a time. I believe i read somewhere that it takes 3 weeks to create a habit. So do 1 thing for 3 weeks then add a second thing and before you know it you will have made a lifestyle change without even having to try that hard. If you change too much at once you are only setting yourself up to fail. I highly recommend blogging about it, it is great motivation knowing you have to share it with others. Also the wonderful comments really make your day. xx

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