Mummy Tummy Be Gone Wk.3

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Another Tough Week

Yes i had another tough week this week but i refused to let it be a repeat of last week. I have finally succumbed to the dreaded flu that hit Mr Wonderful and DD. Me being me i refused to let it get me down and i pushed through. Although i will admit to having to have a few nanna naps and the odd soft drink to try and ease my sore throat.

I still had a few of the sometimes or bad foods. Ice cream but i was strong and only served up half the amount i used to. All be it a minor win it was still a win for me. I also had 1 hot chocolate, better than the 3 i had last week. And as i said i did have some soft drink but as i mostly drink water i think a couple while i have been unwell will not hurt.

Of course i stuck with my cleaning schedule and even managed to do a little bit extra but i still didn’t exercise. We had rain here a lot of the week and i really didn’t want to go out with the flu so no park visits. What i did do was monitor my steps closer and pushed myself to get better numbers than the previous week. Some days it was tough but i did not want to feel the same shame i felt last week.

This weeks results are a bit mixed. No real cm loss well 1cm but i did lose 500gms which i am happy with. Like last week i am more determined than ever to do even better next week. Please stay tuned.

My Weight Loss Chart

You will notice on my chart i have BMI – Body Mass Index. Honestly i think the BMI is extremely outdated and well a very unhealthy way of looking at weight. I have included it in my chart as a bit of a guide and to prove how outdated it is. According to the BMI i am obese. I accept that i am definitely overweight and yes my weight effects my life but i refuse to call myself obese. In today’s society words like obese are so hurtful and lead to eating disorders, depression, anxiety, seclusion, and exclusion. All of these are extremely adverse and do not help anyone. By the time i get to a healthier, happier me i am hoping to have found a better guide to what weight range i should be in.

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