Mummy Tummy Be Gone Wk.11 – Week Off

Good time off makes for better time on


After last weeks massive disappointment i decided to take a week off to regroup. The disappointment of last week was like being smacked in the face.

off track


After a day or two of being extremely hard on myself and constantly going over the numbers i realised something. I was off track! I had been convincing myself that my motivation was there so i was on track. No wrong. My main goal is to have a lifestyle change, to become healthier in mind body and spirit. I had been 100% focusing on the body and the numbers.

raoad sign with female and light bulb above her head - thinking


I need to readjust my thinking. The way i am quantifying my change or perhaps that i am even trying to quantify it. There is nothing wrong with keeping track of my weight and measurements. But they are not the only goal. I need to write down definitive goals rather than general goals and tick them off.



The first goal i am setting myself is to do a table of goals for next weeks blog. A kind of rewards chart if you like. A way to give myself gold stars and feel good about every step i take rather than just the weight loss. SMART goals.

See you all next week with my adjusted plans and a better mindset.

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  1. Great idea to write down all your goals and not only focus on your weight loss journey. I love the idea of smart goals, hope all goes well xx#blogcrush

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