Mummy Tummy Be Gone Week.1

It has now been 1 week since my lifestyle change and i must say i am feeling pretty good and do seem to have more energy already which is fantastic.

Here is how my week went. I still hate exercise so i didn’t do any but what i did do was stick to a cleaning roster that i drew up, this meant i was active in some way everyday and it also meant i stayed on top of my housework YAY. I made a conscious decision to stop sitting in front of the tv playing on my phone and spent some of my down time standing in the kitchen playing on my phone instead, you are probably wondering why such a silly change well being all comfy on the couch means i sit there for quite awhile where as standing in the kitchen reduced the amount of time i played on my phone and also was awkward so i kept moving around the kitchen. For someone like me who hates exercise these small lifestyle changes can make a difference.

Most of our dinners were the same as usual but i have reduced my portion sizes, my meals now cover about half of my plate where as before i would fill the plate. Our dinners were –

  • Roast Lamb with Roast Veggies
  • Left over Roast Meat and Veg
  • Beef Tacos
  • Crispy Nacho Chicken and Veg
  • Meatballs with American BBQ Sauce and Veg
  • Ham and Cheese Toasted Sandwich
  • Sausages and Veg

So you can see no big diet going on.

Everyday i have 3 x Weetbix with milk and sugar, i reduced the amount of sugar i have from about a tablespoon (i love sugar on my Weetbix) to a teaspoon. Hopefully i can cut the sugar out one day.

I am also making sure i drink plenty of water because often when we think we are hungry it is because we are actually thirsty. I have always drank water but i was only drinking maybe 1ltr or so now i drink between 2 and 3ltrs.

My snacks would usually be chips, chicken twisties, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream or any of those yummy things full of either sugar or bad fats and salt. I managed to keep it down to 3 white chocolate Tim Tams and 500gms of mixed salted nuts for the week. The nuts did a great job, kept me satisfied and gave me that 3pm boost that i need.

Now for what you really want to know what did the scales say? Am very happy to report i lost 2.5kgs. That is a lot but i was very bloated last Friday, am sure the weeks to come will not be so kind to me.


The number i am more amazed with is that i lost a total of 11cms from around my body, i have a special tape measure for measuring the body.

This makes measuring so much easier. I weigh myself naked on the same scales at on a Friday morning to try and get an accurate reflection of my loss or gains.

Lifestyle change not diet

I am not an expert just an overweight older mumma that has learnt a thing or two over the years on what works for me and what doesn’t. Fad diets don’t work and depriving myself of the bad foods that i love doesn’t work either so again for anyone wanting to try here is my lifestyle change-

  • Minimal Sugar
  • Minimal Bad Fats
  • Reducing Salt
  • Reducing Portion Sizes
  • Everything In Moderation Remembering To Keep The Sometimes Foods (Bad Foods) To Only Once In Awhile
  • Being More Active with the plan to eventually start exercising

If you need some inspiration check out these stories of weight loss –

Thank you for following my weight loss, healthier lifestyle, mummy tummy be gone journey. Hopefully next Friday’s i can report more loss.

If you need some healthier meal or snack ideas i have a few delicious and easy recipes like these Pizza Scrolls, the dough can also be used as a Pizza base-

Pizza Scrolls

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  1. Wow – a great start! Well done you! I am also on an “eat healthier” drive because my go-to snack has become sugary treats instead of something healthy. Have you tried raisins or sultanas on your Weetabix – that’s my trick to avoid putting sugar on. #blogcrush

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