Kindness – Something I Miss

Kindness – Something I Miss

when i waa young, i used to admire intelligent people; as i grow older, i admire kind people

When i was young!

When i was younger kindness was everywhere. My sister and i  would walk the streets of our neighborhood asking people to buy raffle tickets, sponsor us in the latest something-a-thon or buy chocolates or whatever fundraising goods we had. Most of the time we did really well, our neighbors were always generous. Not only were our neighbors generous but they also kept an eye on us, our mum never had to worry.

I remember when i was about 11 i fell off my bike on the way to school and a lady, a complete stranger picked me up, took me into her house, gave me a drink, cleaned me up and contacted my mum. I remember mum giving the postman a cold drink on warm days. We looked after the neighbors pets just because we could not for money. The butcher buried our budgie because mum didn’t know what to do with it. Where has this kindness gone!

stop judging

Stop Judging

As a first time mum i see and feel the need for kindness even more so. I often look around and see those judgemental looks when DD isn’t behaving at her best. I see posts on Facebook accusing mummas of being bad parents because they spoil their bubbas or because they don’t spoil their bubbas. The mumma shaming is terrible on social media. There is  just so much judging going on that people have forgotten to be kind and to offer help instead of giving dirty looks or worse.

underestimating the power of kindness
Be Kind

Recently i went to the shops and saw this young lady trying to shop but her bubba had other ideas. She stopped in the aisle and got bubba out and gave him lots of cuddles. I kept shopping and was back in that aisle maybe 5 mins later. She was still there cuddling her bubba. Knowing how overwhelming it can be when your bubba gets upset i asked if she was ok and if she needed anything.  We chatted for several minutes, i reassured her that she is doing a great job and made sure that she knew she was not alone or being judged. At the end i double checked that she didn’t need anything and i wished her a good day. She replied with a heartfelt thank you and my husband thanks you as well because i will be telling him how you have made my day. This really was no big deal to me, it didn’t cost me anything, it didn’t do me any harm quite the opposite actually. Hearing that i had made someone’s day made my day.

I am not saying i am perfect or that i am always kind. Honestly i believe if we were all that little bit kinder. If we helped people open doors, asked if someone is ok, helped pick up something someone dropped, even just smiling. Then the world would be a much better place. We might even be able to find our way back to the kindness and sense of community that was around when i was younger.

Doing the July Gratitude Challenge really helped me to be a kinder person.

Please be kind x


19 thoughts on “Kindness – Something I Miss”

  1. I love this post !! I definitely think there was more of a community feel back when I was younger . Just little touches like you mention such as pet sitting for neighbours . Certainly something we can all work on improving !! Congratulations on being featured blogger this week!! #BlogCrush

  2. Nowadays when people are “kind”- the gut reaction is to think that they have an ulterior motive. I am coming from a place where I have been duped so many times by other people who have bad intentions (e.g. thieves, scammers, predators, etc.). HOWEVER, there are still plenty of genuine and kind people out there. And like you said, it starts with ourselves. Love this post. #BlogCrush

  3. Just a moment of your time can mean so much to someone else, I always try to be kind but it’s so sad that a lot of people are too wrapped up in themselves that they can’t spend a moment of kindness towards other. This is a lovely post, and how nice that you were able to show some kindness to the Mumma in the shop.

  4. I place a lot of emphasis on kindness! You are so right, it costs us nothing and pays us handsomely when we practice it. Sometimes people look so shocked by a kind act, it’s really depressing to think how few kind things we see in a week. #BlogCrush

  5. YES! THIS! We have such power at our fingertips to be able to make someone’s day, and it really doesn’t cost us anything! I always try to be kind because I know how it makes ME feel when others are kind to me, and I want to be able to pass that on to others #blogcrush

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