July Gratitude Challenge

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A Month Of Gratitude

This July gratitude challenge is something i am setting for myself. With so much rudeness and negativity around i think this is a great way of reminding myself of all the wonderful things that we do have in our lives. There are so many things we take for granted nowadays or ignore. I hope this helps open my eyes to the beauty around me and to all the amazing people that i cross paths with.

There are many 30 days of gratitude calendars out there so i took the best and have combined themĀ  to create my own calendar. There are two parts to my July challenge. The first is to show you are grateful or appreciative and the second part is to reflect on and to share something that you are grateful for.

July Gratitude Challenge

July 2018 Gratitude Challenge

Obviously as today is the July 1st this starts today. So this is the start of my diary.

Follow my July challenge here – http://www.latebabybloomer.com/july-gratitude-diary/

These challenges can quite easily be adapted for your own situation. Add religion inspired challenges, music inspired or add photographs of the items you are grateful for.

I would love someone to join me on this challenge.

9 thoughts on “July Gratitude Challenge”

  1. This is so important and I am trying to practice this more in my life as I find I tend to dwell on the negatives too much sometimes. Funny how my recent post also had a similar theme to this. Thank you for sharing on #blogcrush

    1. Oh i know what you mean, when i was at the shops the other day i got very frustrated and cranky at a lady who had stopped to chat with another lady right in the middle of the walk way and she had 3 kids dawdling around her so they essentially blocked the walkway. As i walked away i was being quite negative but by the time i reached my car i remembered what this challenge is about and thought i really should of stopped and maybe asked if her kids wanted a ride on one of those little shopping center rides near by so that she could chat without them causing issues. You along with many other wonderful bloggers often inspire me to improve myself which intern makes me want to share my tales. Thank you for your comment and for inspiring so many of us x

  2. Making gratitude a priority is such an important and worthy effort. It’s incredible how much it benefits us to keep those positive thoughts front and center in our minds. It sounds like you will have a very inspiring July. I’m looking forward to reading about your challenge and in hearing the things that make you grateful!

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