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July 2018 Gratitude Challenge

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Sunday July 1st

This is the first entry in my Gratitude Diary.

I am looking forward to seeing how my perspective changes as i work through this challenge. I am sure it will help me to appreciate the simple things again.

The smell i am most grateful for is – The smell of trees right before it rains. It is such a fresh and untainted smell that always reminds me of the beauty of mother nature.


What smell are you grateful for?


Today’s challenge is to go out of my way to help someone. I have a few things in mind. Helping neighbour or a friend in need. I will keep you posted.

So i ended up going to the shops and i saw a lady having trouble finding what she was looking for so i went over and offered her assistance.

The technology that i am most grateful for would be smart phones because it means i have so much knowledge available at my fingertips anytime i want it.

Smart phone

What technology are you grateful for?


This challenge was easy. I wrote a little note and put it with my partners lunch wishing him a great day.

colour wheel

The colour i am most grateful for would be red because red makes pink and purple and so many other colours.

What colour are you most grateful for?


My heartfelt compliment went to a local librarian who not only assisted me but also gave me a few suggestions. This was fantastic customer service so i made sure i complimented her on it.

different ways to cook potatoes

The food i am most grateful for would be potatoes. They are so versatile and are a great accompaniment to any main meal.

What is the food you are most grateful for?


Today’s Challenge is to bake something for a neighbour. I have decided to do this challenge on Saturday when i can catch up with my neighbours so i will be doing Saturday’s challenge today.

That makes today’s challenge  to think of something tough that made me grow. I thought of two things and reflected on them. The two things were when my Nanna died. She was the biggest influence in my life and meant the world to me, i loved her so much that i was actually happy for her when she passed because she knew it was her time to go. The other thing was when i made the decision to move 1700kms away from my family and friends to force myself to start living rather than going through the motions of life. I sold most of my belongings and moved to a town where i knew no one, had no job and had nowhere to live. This was one of the biggest challenges i have ever faced and it really helped me to learn a lot about myself.

my darling daughter laughing

The sound that i am most grateful for would be my daughters laughter. There just is no other sound that lifts my heart more than knowing my DD is happy.

What sound are you most grateful for?


Thanking someone for their hard work is easy as there are so many people in our lives that work hard in so many ways. The person i thanked was my partner. He works so hard to provide for our family and to look after us. I really am truly grateful for him him and everything he does and sacrifices for us.

small sapling

The thing in nature that i am grateful for is growth. Nature has this amazing way of continuing to  grow. Animals and plants can turn up out of nowhere. Trees can grow in floods, droughts and can regrow after fire. Animals face natural selection but most continue to grow their species or adapt to their species so they can continue to grow. It truly is miraculous.


Today’s challenge was swapped with Thursday’s so i had to bake a treat for my neighbour. I was thinking of making muffins then i changed my mind and made pikelets. 

We have wonderful neighbours either side of us so i could not decide which to take pikelets to so i took a plate to each of them for afternoon tea. They were both very surprised and tried to hand them back but i would not let them. Then of course they invited me in to join them and i declined as they were a gift for them to enjoy. Taking a treat to my neighbours really was an uplifting experience.

Me & My Nan when i was in primary school

The memory i am most grateful for is not one memory but all the memories i have with my Nan. Baking, sewing, going on holidays, playing games, visiting people and just spending time with her. She really inspired me and still does even after her passing. She helped shape me into the person i am today. I often say to myself what would Nan think of what i am doing if the answer is she wouldn’t like it then i stop.

What memory are you most grateful for?


Today’s challenge is to smile at a stranger but i am home all day and tomorrow i am out so i will swap challenges again.

Today’s challenge is to now spend time with someone you care about. I am spending the whole day with Mr Wonderful and DD the two people i care the most about. We are having a relaxing day at home filled with lots of cuddles.

Christine By Stephen King

The book i am most grateful for is a tough one for me. I mostly read horror/thrillers with a few autobiographies thrown in so i wouldn’t really rate them as books i am grateful for. If i really think back i guess i would have to say Christine by Stephen King because all my reading prior was because i had to. Christine was the first book i read because i wanted to. Reading a book like Christine at age 13 was like doing something naughty and illegal to me. It contained adult themes, language and it was the biggest book with the smallest writing that i had ever read. I loved reading this book, i could imagine everything that was written and it was from here that i gained my love of reading.

What book are you most grateful for?


Today’s challenge was swapped with yesterdays. That made today’s challenge for me to smile at a stranger and to smile as much as possible.  I was in a terrible mood and my anxiety was through the roof. I was at the shopping center getting increasingly frustrated at ignorant people when i remembered this challenge. Smiling as i made my way around the supermarket. Many people looked at  me perplexed or gave me  that ‘you are a weirdo’ look but i also had one gentleman give me the biggest smile back which made my day. This really taught me a lesson today, that a smile can change your mood and your day. After smiling for 10 minutes my anxiety dropped dramatically and i no longer even noticed those ignorant people. By the time i left the shopping center i was in a great mood. Smiling really is great therapy.

View from lookoutCafe at lookout

The place i am grateful for would be a local lookout. It has amazing views, situated on top of a small mountain. Among the trees of a state forest that is tucked away in our suburbs. There is a small cafe and gardens on top but it reminds me how beautiful this city is with all its urban forests. For me it is a peaceful place that helps center me.

What place are you most grateful for?


Today the challenge has me leaving a note of encouragement in a public place. I have placed a sign on the noticeboard at the registers of my local supermarket. My sign is on bright yellow paper and in is very simple it has a big smiley face and says SMILE next to it.

Cookie Dough Ice Cream Baskin Robbins

The taste i am grateful for would have to be Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins. It is my absolute favourite. Honestly though i am just grateful that i can taste, i can not imagine what it would be like to lose your sense of taste.

What taste are you grateful for?


Today i had to thank a veteran for their service. I do not know any living veterans but i did have a long grateful think about my Uncle who served and is no longer with us. I didn’t think this was enough so i also posted a thank you to all veterans image on Facebook.

Anzac Day - Lest We Forget

The holiday i am grateful for would be ANZAC Day April 25th. This is the day we commemorate all Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. These people have served and continue to serve to give me the life i have today. Not to take anything away from the ANZAC’s but it is also the day AFL teams Collingwood FC and Essendon FC play. It is the biggest game in the home and away season and often attracts crowds bigger than the finals games.  Go Collingwood.

What holiday are you grateful for?


I spent my 10 minutes doing gentle stretches. I am not sure i got anything out of it as i had a 19mth old wrestling me at the time.

The Velour wallpaper i had in my lounge

The texture i am grateful for would be velour, particularly velour wallpaper. This probably sounds crazy but it is the one thing i can’t resist feeling. I had a feature wall in a very old house that i lived in and i would spend a lot of time leaning on the mantle just feeling the wallpaper. It is awesome. By the way i think being grateful for a texture is a bit crazy.

Do you have a texture you are grateful for?


The uplifting quote i chose to write down was ‘Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says “Oh crap, she is up”‘. I love this quote it reminds me to be the best i can be everyday. I have written this on a post it note and stuck it to our bathroom mirror.

The ability i am grateful for would have to be the way i can empathise.

What ability are you grateful for?


Today’s challenge was to breathe in my favourite scent. Vanilla is definitely my favourite scent so i took great pleasure from smelling my favourite vanilla scented candle.

DD - my daughter

The sight i am most grateful for is my beautiful daughter. All i have to do is look at her and my heart melts and i smile from the inside out.

What is the site you are most grateful for?


Today’s challenge is to turn a negative into a positive. This is something that i find myself doing now thanks to this challenge. Today’s negative was that the weather was so cold but it meant that i got to snuggle up in bed nice and warm longer and i got plenty of cuddles from Mr Wonderful and DD. That is definitely a positive.

spring forrest with sun shining throughThe season that i am grateful for is Spring. I love all the colours of spring, trees and flowers coming to life after winter. The feeling of sunlight warming you when there is a cold breeze.

What season are you grateful for?


Today’s challenge is to give someone a small gift just because. I didn’t give the gift today but i have purchased something online and am having it delivered to a family member just because.

baby in bellyWhat about my body am a grateful for? i am sure this is meant to be a specific part but the thing about my body that i am the most grateful for is its ability to create and grow life.

What about your body are you grateful for?


Today i had to lend a hand to someone in need. I don’t get out and about a lot so i found this one a little challenging. I think i kind of cheated on this one  as i chose to donate money to 2 homeless charities that supply the homeless with care packages.



I will keep this challenge in mind and try and do better than just donating money to charities.

reading and writing

What knowledge am i grateful for? I guess i would have to say the knowledge to be able to read and write.

What knowledge are you grateful for?


Today’s challenge was not a challenge at all for me. I had to go for a walk and find something beautiful. I have a great walking path very close to home. It leads down to a creek that has a gorgeous little wooden bridge that often has Frilled Neck Lizards lounging in the sun beside it. This is one of my favourite places as it is so beautiful and peaceful.

three businessmen that brought their lunch - bronze statues MelbourneThree businessmen who bought their own lunch - Bronze statues Melbourne

The piece of art i am grateful for is Alison Weaver and Paul Quinn’s bronze sculpture, “Three Businessmen Who Brought Their Own Lunch: Batman, Swanston and Hoddle’. These statues are on the corner of Swanston St and Bourke St in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I used to hang out in Melbourne City as a teenager and these statues always intrigued me and still do.

What piece of art are you grateful for?


Another easy challenge for me today. I got to make myself my favourite hot drink. A milk hot chocolate, there is nothing better on a cold winters day.

DD with her hand on my face

What touch am i grateful for? Honestly i have to say some of these grateful questions are weirding me out. I am not sure what to make of this question so i am going to put my own twist on it. The touch i am most grateful for is when my DD places her hand so lovingly on my cheek and just rests it there while gazing up at me.

What touch are you grateful for?


Today i had to be thankful. We drove 2hrs to visit my Father In Law and his companion. They have always treated me with such love and respect and have helped us out to no end so it was fitting that i be thankful today.

What am i most grateful for in my life? Again it is kind of fitting for today as it would 100% be my family.

What are you grateful for in your life?


Today i had to do my best and let that be enough. I am sitting here smiling enjoying my evening after a day of shopping, gardening, doing a welfare check on a friend and supporting my family. I think i did my best today and yes i think it is enough.

music bars waving around

What song am i most grateful for? This is another toughie for me because i love music. Music has influenced my life in so many ways so it is hard to pick just one. So i am going to pick two.

The first is my earliest memory of falling in love with a song – John Farnham You’re The Voice


The second is because Led Zeppelin have been so prolific, influencing music and musicians for the last 50yrs – Led Zeppelin Ramble On


What song are you grateful for?


Today’s challenge is to cheer on someone else’s achievements publicly. I chose social media and in particular Twitter to share other people’s tweets on their achievements and to comment how amazing they are.

Everyone has a story

The story i am grateful for is Mr Wonderful’s life story because it led him to me.

What story are you grateful for?


I have to picture 10 things i am grateful for today. DD, Mr Wonderful, Music, Books, Flowers, Friends, Photographs, Freedom, Sunshine & Clean Sheets.

christmas tree, fireplace, stockings. lights, presents

The tradition that i am grateful for is Christmas. I love all the festivities around it. Carols, lights, decorations, awesome food, spending time with family, gift giving and creating memories.

What tradition are you grateful for?


Today i had to tell my loved ones why i loved them. This one i do everyday anyway.

July 2018 Gratitude ChallengeThe challenge that i am grateful for is this one, the July Gratitude Challenge. Although some of these i am finding very annoying it has reminded me of a lot of things that perhaps i was taking for granted.

What challenge are you grateful for?


Today i had to call someone and be an active listener. I spoke with a dear friend who has been going through a terrible time lately and i was happy to just listen to whatever she needed to say. I left it up to her.

#BlogCrush Featuring Late Baby Bloomer

The moment i am most grateful for this month was when i had my first featured blog on #Blogcrush. I started blogging to give me something that was just for me. Not mumma me or wifey me, just plain old me. Somewhere to spew out my thoughts, something to focus on when things get rough and to give me a hobby. I didn’t really think anyone would read it let alone like it. So when one of my blogs was featured it was like winning a raffle that i forgot i entered.

What moment this month are you most grateful for?


I had to volunteer to do something today. I often go with a group to visit aged care facilities so i sent a message to the organiser volunteering to pick anyone up that needs a lift to our next visit.

emoji - laughing so hard tears are flowing

Today i have to say the expression i am grateful for. This could be taken two ways – spoken expression like ‘expressing your love’ or it could be like a facial expression. I am going for the second. In today’s society with social media we all use emoji’s which are facial expression. My favourite is the emoji that is laughing so hard that it is crying. Laughter really is the best medicine so it is the expression that i am grateful for

What expression are you grateful for?


Today is my favourite challenge. Hug someone. I have made the most of hugging my DD today. There really is no better than that full body hug a parent gives a child.

big gleaming smile and toothbrush

The small thing that i use everyday that i am grateful for is my toothbrush. I love the feeling of freshly brushed teeth and nice minty fresh breath.

What small thing that you use daily are you grateful for?


I had to tell someone today that they have made a difference to me. Of course this was Mr Wonderful. He makes me want to be a better person everyday and my life is certainly better for having him in it.

family - where life begins and love never ends

Something that happened today that i am grateful for was getting to spend the day with Mr Wonderful and DD. It was a gorgeous day and we have spent the whole day together as a family, mostly out in our yard. Even now as i type Mr Wonderful is only about a foot away from me.

What happened today that you are grateful for?


SMILE 🙂 Did it work? Did i make you smile? i hope so. I could do the easy path today and make Mr Wonderful and DD smile but i feel like that is cheating. Instead i have shared a very very cute video of  DD playing with chalk for the first time. You can not help but smile when you see it.


The talent or skill that i am grateful for is my blogging. It has changed my life for the better.

What talent/ skill are you grateful for?


Today i had to do a random act of kindness. All our major supermarkets have become single use plastic bag free. For my random act of kindness i purchased 2 reusable shopping bags and gave them to the register operator and asked him to please give them to next customer that he thought could use them and would appreciate it. This register operator is my favourite so next time i am at the supermarket i will ask him how it went.

My Niece - Peanut

The family member that i am grateful for may surprise you. I bet you are thinking she will say DD, Mr Wonderful or her Nanna because they are all awesome. But no I am grateful for my gorgeous niece who i refer to as Peanut. I have adored her from the moment i found out my sister was pregnant and was there when she entered the world and i hope to always be there for her. She has made such a difference to our family. She is and always will be my little Peanut. xx

What family member are you grateful for?


YAY i have finally made it to the last day of the gratitude challenge. I now get to read back over this diary and work out what i am most grateful for. Love and Family.

Thank you for following my diary.


July Gratitude Challenge – http://www.latebabybloomer.com/julygratitudechallenge/

Come join me on this challenge!

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