Getting Support through Social Networks

Getting Support through Social Networks

Social Networks have saved my sanity and made me a much better mumma. As i have said previously my support network is 2 states away. So i had to find support from somewhere else. I started by trying to find my local mumma’s group but apparently that is not really the way things are done in QLD so then i turned to Facebook.

I searched for local mum, parenting and bubs groups. I was lucky enough to find several groups one of which has 20,000 members, the more members the more likely you are to find other mumma’s that you can connect with. Also the more opinions, ideas and experiences that you can draw from or at the very least make you feel like you are not alone and that most things are actually normal. After searching for local groups.

I then searched for groups that were about a parenting element that i was either doing or planning to do e.g. breastfeeding, baby led weaning. These searches also hooked me up with Australia wide groups and some even world wide. Through these Facebook groups i learnt so many things that i never knew. Things like – lip & tongue ties, wonder weeks/leaps, things to look for or look out for at daycare facilities, where to get the best Santa photos and so much more.

On a more simpler level than Facebook is Twitter.

Follow other mumma’s, baby brands (nappies, food, clothes, toys, etc), inspirational people, local business’s and health services. Reading Tweets and their links can be educational, inspirational, motivational or just entertaining. It can also be a way for you to connect with the outside world and feel like more than just a mumma.

Next came the search for a mumma i could get out and about with, walk in the park, coffee, play date for DD.

This is where Nabo and Mush helped me.

These help you connect on a one on one level with locals. Much like messenger or dating apps. I found the most amazing mumma through Mush so i can highly recommend giving these a go.

Last Social Network i will mention is Meet Up.

This is a site that connects like minded people, no it is not a dating site or something kinky lol. You join groups appropriate for you – mumma’s, joggers, walkers, reading, etc and they hold events so that you can meet new people and enjoy these things together.

There are many social networking sites/apps, just remember you are the one in control. Only put information up that you are happy for the world to see. Check privacy settings. Check the permissions that you give these apps. Above all trust your instincts because not everything you read/see is the truth or fact. Do your research if it comes to a particular subject. Try some things for yourself rather than taking one persons word for it and always make yours and bubba’s safety number one.

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