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There are so many decisions we make as parents about how we raise our bubbas. One of those decisions that we made is to teach DD not to touch rather than putting everything out reach. There are exceptions to the rule, chemicals, medicines and sharps are locked away or up out of reach. Breakables, electricals and boxes of tissues are all within her reach.

I had thought it can’t be that hard to teach them not to touch, boy was i wrong. At 17mths DD knows what she isn’t allowed to touch but her curiosity still gets the better of her.

We have managed to teach her a few things. She no longer pulls all the tissues out and she doesn’t pull the books out of the bookshelf. There are still some things that we have a daily battle over.

What have you tried? What worked or didn’t work for you?

The rubbish bin, if she can see anything shiny or bright she will loiter around and the minute my back is turned she will dive in and retrieve the miraculous wonder of trash. I don’t yell, i say ‘no yucky’ and i get her to return the item to the rubbish bin. Often this does not do much, she is straight back the minute my back is turned. If i see her i say ‘no’ and she stops but then will try again and once again i will say ‘no yucky’ and on the third time i take her away from the rubbish bin and basically distract her. Her visits to the bin are getting less frequent and i do still have hope that one day she will stop her dumpster diving.

I believe we are on the right track but what works for us may not work for everyone.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Touch”

  1. Our daughter is approaching the age where we need to start baby proofing. We’ve been leaning towards the same idea as you have. Baby proofing the obvious hazards – electrical outlets, medications, cleaning supplies, etc. However, we plan on using a lot of redirection and gentle corrections to teach her what she is and isn’t allowed to play with. We will see how it goes! Thank you for the insight. #BlogCrush

    1. Good luck Morgan. I recommend the redirection and gentle correction it has mostly worked for us, i also have tried to stick to keywords like just plain no and yucky, DD is at the point now that i am starting to explain to her why i am saying no, her response is usually to throw a tantrum but she does stop doing whatever it was. Thank you

  2. Parenting always seems to be a case of eating your pre-baby words. I’ve eaten more “my child will never…” than I thought possible. #blogcrush

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