Being Older Does Not Always Mean High Risk

I think i am one of the luckiest mumma’s, we fell pregnant easily, no morning sickness, no complications during the pregnancy and i apparently had a text book labour.

Thinking about it all now i am surprised it all went so well. Our pregnancy was unexpected. My family history with pregnancy was not good and i had a friend in a similar situation that had had several miscarriages, i also kept hearing that because of my age at the time 38 and my weight (curvy not rotund hehe) that i was high risk. For these reasons i was so scared of loosing our baby, it really played on my mind so we didn’t share our news until after 15 weeks when all the tests had come back normal.

I was sent for numerous tests and scans over the 9 mths and everything came back in the normal range but my GP and midwife continued with calling me high risk, booking me in to be induced early just because of my age, I of course went along because they do only have all our best interests at heart.

Again with being a very lucky mumma, i was booked in to be induced the Monday morning but our bubba was keen to meet us and get cuddles and decided to join us early on the Sunday.

Every pregnancy and labour is different as is everyones situation so for any mumma’s out there going through the same i give you this advice – listen to the professionals but don’t get too caught up with it that you forget to enjoy your pregnancy, it really is something wonderful ?

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