Baby Proofing

I was determined to not go crazy with baby proofing our house and to teach DD not to touch things. We have been pretty lucky she has learn’t not to touch power points, electrical cables and a few other random things around the house however the kitchen and bathroom drawers are a different story, she just loves opening and closing them and yes she has jammed her own fingers in them numerous times but still keeps going back. I am ok with her getting into the tea towel drawer but the utensil and cutlery drawers freak me out and i can just imagine her getting knives, scissors, can opener, peeler and other sharp things and if she doesn’t cut a finger off first she will then try and have a good chew on them AARRRGGHHH. Mr Wonderful and myself searched high and low for appropriate safety locks for our drawers and we both came up with nothing other than sliding a stick through all the drawer handles.

About a month ago i came up with a way to stopping DD getting into the drawers and it has worked a gem ever since – it even keeps Mr Wonderful out – See Image. The spatula for my wok fits perfect and there is a lip underneath our bench so if you try and pull both drawers they will move only about 5mm. I am still hoping to teach DD not to touch these drawers but until i am confident i will continue to find ways to keep her out.

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