Baby Clothes Sizings

There are two things about baby clothes that have really surprised me. Sizing differences between brands and that they can sell clothes with sizings 3-6mths, 6-12mths etc.

The sizing differences between brands should not surprise me because womens clothes can vary hugely, i can be a size 14 in one brand and a 20 in another but it really did. At present DD can fit into 00, 0 & 1 depending on brands, to be honest it drives me nuts trying to remember which brands i need to buy the smaller sizes or larger sizes.
Surely i can not be the only mum that gets frustrated with this.

DD is 15mths old and 6-12mth pants are too big for her, 6-12mth tops fit great but are getting tight going over her head. Does this mean DD is small but with a big head? you would think so but according to the growth charts in her health record she is around the 50th percentile for height and weight and is around the 70th percentile for head circumference, this doesn’t sound like a small bubba to me so why can’t she fit into 12-18mth clothes? Can you see the issue i have? I do not use these to judge DD’s size or health but i can imagine that this could cause so many issues (Mumma shaming, anxiety etc) especially for mumma’s that have babies in sizes bigger than their age.

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