Babies, Books & Rhymes – Early Start on Education

There are many things we were determined to do from the moment DD joined us like reading books.These things are all to help her development. To hopefully put her on a good path for her schooling years.


At 4mths old we started taking her to our local library for a Baby, Books & Rhymes session. This went for 30mins and was for babies under 12mths. We sang nursery rhymes, did hand movements and would read a book. It was great for so many reasons. Giving DD the chance to interact with other babies, teaching her body movements, body parts and the joy of song. Even now her favourite song is still Twinkle Twinkle Little Star which was one of the first songs we learnt.


During this time i would also borrow 3 books a fortnight to read to DD before bedtime. I believing reading is super important right from the start as it is a great way to learn vocabulary, colours, numbers, letters, objects, animals etc and it helps bubba’s to learn focus and hopefully helps build their imaginations. Mr Wonderful is the one that reads to DD most nights, this is a great bonding time for them as Mr Wonderful misses so much.


Another thing we do to help DD’s develpoment is to constantly talk to her. When i am doing something i will talk and waffle about what i am doing e.g. making the bed, ‘i am now putting the bottom sheet on, it has elastic on it to hold it in place, now the top sheet goes on, daddy likes to pull this one onto his side of the bed’. Other times i might just talk about how nice the sun feels or what we might do for the rest of the day. This also helps with vocabulary and helps them learn repetition and routine.


We also keep a radio on in DD’s room during the day, it gets turned off before bed. The radio is on for two reasons, to help DD get used to noises and to get her used to music. I believe music can influece moods so i hope DD enjoys it as much as i do.

Sing & Dance

We have sing and dance time everyday sometimes to nursery rhymes or The Wiggles other days we dance to main stream music. This helps with vocabulary and hopefully will help her with coordination and rythm.

There are so many easy things we can do at home to help our bubba’s develop. These are only a few of them. I try to stick with the bubba oriented things and am not pushing her to learn things after all i want to enjoy my bubba as long as i can.

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  1. I did this with Dee too – it felt a bit unnatural at first chatting away to her about everything because I’ve always been quite a quiet person and words don’t flow easily (from my mouth anyway!) But toally worth it. She’s a mega chatterbox now and has a great vocabulary! #BlogCrush

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