my story

Old Mumma here, welcome to my blog and my story.
Luck was on my side when i met Mr Wonderful in my mid 30’s and fell pregnant for the first time at 38. I was over the moon to be pregnant as i had thought my time had past. I also felt i might be in over my head. My support network was 1700kms away and my knowledge of pregnancy and parenthood was limited.

In December of 2016 we had our beautiful bubba DD (Darling Daughter) and our lives changed forever. Mr Wonderful works hard so that i can be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) raising our bubba and looking after our family home. This has been the biggest change for me. I have worked full time most of my adult life and have always been a strong independent person. Having a baby, being a parent and a homemaker is far from anything i ever imagined and far from the life i had before pregnancy. It is the most amazing experience and and the most demanding thing i have ever done. I have put everything into these roles making DD and Mr Wonderful my priorities but somewhere along the way i forgot to be me. This brings me to this blog.

This is purely for me. It lets me have my little bit of selfish time each day and allows me to keep my brain active. I suffer from anxiety and putting my thought into words definitely is helping me to manage my anxiety. If this helps someone else then even better because i know i would be lost without Facebook, Twitter and all the wonderful bloggers that share their experiences.

Thank you to all those that read my blog and especially to those that spread the love.

Old Mumma