50 Insights Into Me!

50 Insights Into Me

50 Insights Into Me!

  1. Where were you born? Geelong, Victoria, Australia
    Geelong, Victoria, Australia
  2. Who did you look up to growing up? Bevvie, my mums friend. I always thought she was super cool and the nicest person
  3. What are your best characteristics? Empathy, caring, want to make others smile
  4. What has required the most courage of you in your life so far? Moving from Geelong to Brisbane. Going from all my family and friends, good job and basically everything i had grown up around to a town where i knew no one, had no where to live and no job.
  5. Who is your favorite musician? Not 1 it is 4 – Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin
  6. What is your favorite childhood memory? Making a slippery dip or pool out of a painting drop sheet
  7. What is your favorite color? Some days it is emerald green other days it is purple
  8. What is your favorite holiday destination? Favorite place i have been would be Tasmania but my favorite place that i am yet to go to is U.S.A
  9. What is your favorite ice-cream flavor? Cookie Dough
  10. What is your favorite song? Ramble On – Led Zeppelin
  11. What is your favorite way to pass time? Listening to music
  12. What is your favorite candle scent? Vanilla of any type
  13. Are you scared of heights? Yes but it isn’t too bad if i am inside a building
  14. Are you high maintenance? I hope not!
  15. If you could eliminate one weakness or limitation in your life, what would it be? My anxiety
  16. Who has left the most impact on your life? My Nanna. She was an amazing lady that spent most of her life helping others
  17. Can you do a split? No, not even close
  18. Can you whistle? Yes but i am not very good at it
  19. Can you dance? Bad dancingAgain yes but i am not very good at it
  20. Do you remember your dreams? I sure do, my dreams are often very very vivid
  21. Do you save old greeting cards and letters? Throw them away? I save some of them – great memories
  22. Do you sing in the shower? Sometimes – usually Bon Jovi
  23. Do you have a whole lot of acquaintances or just a few very close friends? Why? Just a few very close friends. I guess it is because as time has gone on i realised that we need to surround ourselves with those that matter and that we matter to.
  24. Do you have any allergies? Band Aids – the sticky stuff on them.
  25. Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes i do but i also believe in love at second or third sight 🙂
  26. How far away from your birthplace do you live now? Geelong to Brisbane1700kms
  27. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series? Which one is your favorite? I have read Harry Potter and Twilight and have seen all movies. Twilight, i could not put the books down.
  28. What is a strange occurrence you’ve experienced but have never (or rarely) shared with anyone? When i was very young i used to hate going to a friend of the families house. I used to say it was because they had a goats head on their wall but it was because the whole house creeped me out including the goat. I got the worst feeling from every part of the house.
  29. What is the scariest movie you’ve watched? The original IT, i saw it when i was about 13 and had nightmares for ages. Closely followed by Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, every time i see a few birds gathering around me i have little freak outs.
  30. What was the first concert you ever attended? Ugly Kid Joe at Festival Hall in Melbourne 1993
  31. What are some of the different jobs that you have had in your life? Paper round, Checkout chick, Bag checker for a clothing store, Florist, Despatch clerk, Machine Operator, Receiving manager, Console operator.
  32. What app do you use most? Sad to say Facebookfacebookaholic
  33. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, rate your fashion sense? 4
  34. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, rate your driving skills?  7
  35. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, rate your cooking skills? 7
  36. Which animals scare you most? Why? Spiders if insects count because they can jump, bite, have all those eyes looking at you and are super creepy.
  37. What are some of your bad habits? Talking before i think, thinking i am right, not brushing my teeth before bed, picking my teeth, picking at the dirt under my fingernails
  38. What is something most people don’t know about you? I have a biggish hangy mole on my lower back that when i shower my hair tangles around it
  39. What pipe dreams do you have that you wish could come true? To own a country Pub
  40. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be? Oooh so many to choose from maybe Oprah
  41. If you could give your younger self any advice what would it be? Exercise more and get into a sport
  42. If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be? Stephen King because he got me into reading and inspired my imagination.
  43. Do you see the glass as half empty or half full? Always half full
  44. Pick one, cats or dogs? DogsDog lover
  45. Pick one, chicken or beef? Chicken
  46. Pick one, Halloween or Valentine’s Day? Halloween, it lets me be creative
  47. Pick one, meat or fish? Definitely meat
  48. Pick one, vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate
  49. Would you rather be a lonely genius or an idiot with a lot of friends? A lonely genius
  50. Would you rather have a friend who’s very blunt with their words or a friend who tells a lot of white lies? A blunt friend, i do not like liars even of they are white lies

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